If you have not yet obtained your secondary school diploma, please upload the Statement of Educational Institution in your application. This document provides background information about the subjects you have studied, the diploma you are going to obtain, and other relevant background information about your education.

The statement helps us assess your eligibility for admission correctly. Please ask your School Counselor or another representative from your school to complete it, sign it and stamp it.Bạn đang xem: Name of educational institution là gì

Please answer the questions to the best of your abilities. We are aware of the different use of terminology within various school systems, and are able to understand a wide variety of terms used. If we have any questions about the form that you have handed in, we will contact you.

Bạn đang xem: Educational institution là gì

If it is a problem to complete the form in English, you can translate the questions on this form into your own language and allow the representative to complete the form in your own language. This may help the staff at your school to understand and complete the form. Please do provide us with a translation, especially if your language does not use the Latin alphabet.

If the boxes expand, that’s alright. We accept the form in its expanded form, but please ask the school representative to stamp all pages in this case

Depending on how the situation develops during the next period of time, we will offer our education on our beautiful green campus as much as possible in the coming academic year (as of August 30, 2021).

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Of course, always in a safe environment for our students and staff. Lectures are offered online if necessary. Classes and other educational activities will take place on campus as much as possible. Furthermore, some specific programs will be offered online. To which programs this applies, will be determined later.


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