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A crash course is also an experience that is difficult or unexpected but provides new and useful information:
To prepare for his role in the movie, he took a crash course in doing farm chores like plowing fields and shearing sheep.
At the sự kiện, students were given a crash course in thiết kế thinking, & 24 hours to identify a concern and formulate solutions.
The idea wasn"t just to lớn save sầu money; it was to lớn get a crash course in all the necessary disciplines associated with large-scale renewable power projects.
Before we are taken into lớn the hệ thống room, we receive sầu a brief crash course in the history of human communications.
The volunteers had no previous experience in meditating, save sầu a quick crash course as they walked in the door.
We all stood in a circle, getting a crash course in grabbling & hearing stories of how the fish"s bite can draw blood.
For some parents, regulating their child"s phone use will require a crash course in texting công nghệ.
It"s like a crash course in fine-tuning your mouse, and you"ll soon underst& all the arcane numbers và adjustments.
Here we take a crash course in qualitative sầu quantum theory, doing our best khổng lồ get a look at the man behind the curtain.

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