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khổng lồ formally choose someone khổng lồ vị a special piece of work, or khổng lồ formally ask for a special piece of work from someone:

In English, many past and present participles of verbs can be used as adjectives. Some of these examples may show the adjective sầu use.

The experience of commissioning & attending lớn these works has been a revealing one for me, their curator.
In turn, joint commissioning requires individual agencies both to lớn jointly plan và jointly purchase services.
These were categorized into lớn four areas: intellectual, financial/commissioning, service issues và other issues.
These were later categorized into four areas: intellectual, financial/commissioning, service issues & other issues.
Commissioning was one of several areas explored within the study và is the main focus of this paper.
Curiously, they have sầu not intersected in terms of commissioning venues, implying the existence of a one-through-at-a-time dynamic.
A prestigious roster of international architects lends status to lớn the project và client commissioning the work, and enhances the truyền thông appeal of the undertaking.
Each building and park was, of course, unique, reflecting the tastes of individual architects và those commissioning the work.
Despite the expense of commissioning the consultants, and initial aspirations of circulating several thousvà copies, less than two hundred were actually printed.
A substantial retìm kiếm grant enabled the commissioning of research assistants to lớn fill in at least some of the gaps.
The highest priorities have been considered by senior committees for likely commissioning as research or guidelines/guidance.

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The way in which such summaries are elaborated should be left up lớn the commissioning institutions, as they better know their needs.
Commissioning a villa involves all parties in interpreting a tradition & in rejecting và accepting those characteristics that still make sense today.
These và other questions illustrate the uncertainty surrounding the nurses" role in primary care commissioning.
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