If the base filtering engine (BFE) is not running on your Windows device, the lichgo.vn ứng dụng will show the following error messages:


The most likely reason the BFE is not running is that a vi khuẩn disabled it khổng lồ persize malicious actions on your device.

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For lichgo.vn khổng lồ work properly, you will need khổng lồ restart the BFE.

We explain how you can reactivate the BFE below.

For Windows 7:

mở cửa Start and type “services” inkhổng lồ the tìm kiếm bar.Click on Services inside programs section.

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Select Base Filtering Engine và then clichồng Start. You should now be able khổng lồ run lichgo.vn without issue.

For Windows 10

Extract the zip file on to your desktop.mở cửa the Command Prompt (CMD) with administrator privileges. In order khổng lồ do so, open the Start menu -> tìm kiếm for “cmd” -> click on Run as administrator. (There will likely be a pop up asking you if you want to let this phầm mềm make changes to lớn your device. Clichồng Yes.
xuất hiện the extracted PsTools folder in the Commvà Prompt. (If you extracted the folder to lớn your desktop, you can navigate lớn the PsTools folder by executing the following commvà in the Command Prompt window: cd C:UsersYour UserDesktopPSTools. chú ý that “Your User” represents your Windows username.)Once you have sầu opened the PsTools folder, exexinh tươi the following comm& in the Command Prompt: psexec -s cmd.exeThen, exedễ thương this command: sc config BFE start= auto (make sure there’s an empty space between the = sign and auto)
Restart Windows. Once your device reboots, the BFE will be restarted & you should be able lichgo.vn without issue.

If have sầu followed these steps & are still experiencing difficulties, please tương tác our Support Team.